To be an ecological center of scientific learning, principles, and fundamental values of community, solidarity, and respect towards human rights. Where children, teenagers, and adults find ease in enrichening their knowledge and finding support required to reach their personal goals.






Graduate children and young adults in an ecological environment with technical knowledge and integral principles so they can adapt, compete, and support themselves in a new globalized culture. Taking into account individual studentĀ“s foundational skills, attitudes, and aptitudes and their application within society, we teach respect, care, and appreciation of our natural resources.






1. An education located in an ecological environment surrounded by natural, clean oxygen, and wild life in order to enrich formative activity through motivation.

2. Provide students with necessary material to find ways to develop and challenge their aptitudes and abilities.

3. Allow equal access to education to any individual with a clear objective to overcome and reach their personal goals.

4. Develop people through thier goals. This includes the use of technical tools and factual methods to realize personal and community benefits.

5. Invoke Christian human principles and values so to permit a harmonic coexistence in our modern social habitat.

6. Maintain constant supervision of educative methods, tactics, educational mediums, development, and actualization of a relevant curriculum in an academic setting.

7. Support ourselves through the use of other institutions for financing, advising, the availability of technological resources, and personnel to ease the educational labor force.





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